The Trump Effect: Misogynists, Bigots, White Supremacists, And So Many Other Deplorables Rise Up – Feel Empowered


Just a quick & personal expression of frustration & sadness with the legions who support Trump, who is nothing more than — to quote the Australian legislator who said it perfectly — arevolting slug.”

In the early 90s, there were a spate of criminal prosecutions of day care owners and staff for child abuse. The cases were scattered throughout the country, but the details were virtually identical.

All of the alleged abuse was rooted in Satanic worship. In addition to rape and sodomy, there were allegations of animal sacrifice and blood baths, smearing of feces on the children, and other depravities.

Now, there was not a shred of evidence. No signs of the children’s genitals penetrated, no records of procuring all these animals or the disposal of remains, no hidden dungeon-like chambers where the rituals were alleged to have taken place, not even microscopic residue of blood or fecal matter, anywhere. And the transcripts of the interviews with the very young children, the alleged victims, all read like one big object lesson in “leading the witness” and coercion.

Yet almost all of the accused were convicted and imprisoned.

To read up on the cases is to descend into an “Alice in Wonderland” plane where nothing makes sense, and everyone is crazy.

From the grotesqueness of the charges, to the prosecutors and small army of state-hired psychologists who discarded critical thinking in favor of the narcissistic thrill (and career advancement) of being “crusaders for the children”, to the gullible parents who didn’t stop and consider, didn’t listen to their own kids, and got caught up in the fervor and excitement of a good ol’fashioned lynching, which is what those trials essentially were — it was theater of the absurd.

Why am I mentioning this now, randomly, a quarter century later?

Because, honestly, that was the last time I can recall being as disturbed by my fellow citizens as I am now, with the rise of Trump’s fans.

I want to scream from the rafters, because surely this isn’t happening, right? This can’t be real.

Maybe they just don’t know? And I want to shake them and remind them of so many things.

  • He mocked a reporter’s disability. If I saw a child do that, I would stop whatever I was doing–no matter how pressing–and work to educate the child. And if I saw an adult doing that, I think my mouth would just hang open, aghast.
  • He boasted about grabbing women’s genitals and then called all the women who came forth to say, yes, that’s exactly what he did to me, “liars” and even suggested that the proof that one of his accusers is lying is: “just look at her”, suggesting she’s not attractive enough for him to assault.
  • He called his avoidance of sexually transmitted disease as a young bachelor his “own personal Vietnam” No, Donald. Having to use a condom is nothing like what your less privileged cohorts, who couldn’t get all your deferments, went though in Vietnam, you entitled chickenhawk.
  • As he’s watched his poll numbers fall in the late stages of the campaign, he has returned to the line that launched his rise in the first place: he will build a wall and make Mexico pay for it. (Trump voters, I’m telling you as a rational person with mid-level critical thinking skills: Mexico cannot — and indeed will not — pay for a wall. And even if we could do this financially, we shouldn’t morally. Building walls is not who we are.)
  • And if I spoke on his history of racism — from housing discrimination to the Central Park 5–we’d be here all day. There is a reason white supremacist groups love him, and it’s valid; they should love him. Not since the days of slavery has a candidate for the Oval Office so aligned with their views.
  • Et cetera. So very much et cetera.

I want to grab his tens of millions of supporters by the lapels and say: Can’t you see?

But I’m afraid they do see. They do know. And that’s why they like him.

And I’m afraid of the power of all of them together, newly emboldened and organized, and what it bodes for the country. I’m afraid of the genie he’s let out of the bottle.

I know that we as a nation will get past this, as we always have — eventually. Like Martin Luther King said: “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.” Love wins. I believe that to my core, not because the evidence supports it, but because I have to.

But in the meantime … I am just disgusted and sad. That is all.

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