Female Officials Within The GOP Rush To Defend Trump’s Lewd Comments


It is unbelievable that anyone would try to defend Trump’s lewd comments.

It’s bad enough that anyone would defend Donald Trump’s lewd comments about women, which aired on Friday. That a defense would come from a woman makes it many times worse. But that’s exactly what one female GOP official did almost immediately after the now infamous Trump video was released.

Misogynistic, Lewd Comments Are Indefensible, But …

Friday night, Washington State GOP Party Chairwoman Susan Hutchison took to the airwaves on KOMO News Radio with her defense. She was asked by co-host Tom Glasgow to explain why the GOP nominee’s aggressively lewd comments and general mistreatment of women, shouldn’t disqualify him from the presidency. Her answer:

All of this behavior occurred when he [Trump] was a Democrat. I’m saying that the man was Democrat at the time and that Bill Clinton defined this behavior.

Let’s be clear here, on a couple of points. First and most importantly, Donald Trump’s actions, as described in his comments, were sexual assault — plain and simple. He has been accused, over and over again, of the unwelcome aggressions that he had the effrontery to brag about.

Affairs between consenting adults may be repugnant, but they are in an entirely different class of behavior from a man physically imposing himself on a woman by ‘grabbing her p***y,’ or putting his hand up her skirt, or grabbing and kissing her, or making any other unwelcome advance. Those behaviors are, at their core, violence against women — no matter what such men, or their defenders, may tell themselves.

Second, men don’t change their sexually abusive behavior because they change their party affiliation. Or, for that matter, because they change religion — since Trump is now claiming a religious piety that has been nowhere in sight until the past year. They change because they realize the pain they have caused themselves and their victims, have taken responsibility, and have gone into INTENSIVE THERAPY to master the impulse to control through sexual aggression.

Why Doesn’t Sexual Abuse Disqualify Trump?

As the radio interview continued with Susan Hutchison, co-host Elisa Jaffe insisted on knowing if the chairwoman supports Trump. Even though she acknowledged that his lewd comments were ‘repulsive,’ Hutchison doubled down:

Donald Trump is the selection of our voters and the Republican party, what happens from here, who knows. But what I’m saying is that Donald Trump said those comments when he was a Democrat and he is a Republican today.

Hutchison also claimed that her candidate was “channeling Bill Clinton” at the time. Elisa Jaffe expressed incredulity at that claim, basically left speechless when the chairwoman stood firm. Tom Glasgow stepped in to point out that Trump was 59 years old (presumably an adult) and not running for office at the time — letting the unasked question of why he would be “channeling” Bill Clinton hang in the air.

The Lewd Comments Are WHOSE Fault?

When Jaffe recovered enough, she wanted to know if Hutchison, after hearing the candidate’s comments on women, still trusted his judgement. Even though the host tried to paraphrase those disgusting comments into a milder version, the chairwoman gave her most unbelievable response yet:

I think that the things you are saying right now are a little bit too prurient for me. If you want to talk like that, then you can keep going, but I’m not going to discuss it any further.

If you want to talk like that! So a woman — the woman co-host — was to blame for Donald Trump’s amazingly vile comments! Not Trump himself, but commentator Elisa Jaffe. Jaffe retained enough composure to thank Hutchison for talking to them, but ended with:

I don’t think I was being prurient. I was just trying to report on what Donald Trump was saying today — was quoted as saying — as the nominee for your party.

While GOP officials all over the place — including at least three U.S. senators — are dropping Donald Trump like a hot potato, the female Washington State GOP Chair engages in some aggression against women of her own. Fair warning, women of Washington: time to flee from the party as fast as you can!


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