Trump’s Foul Mouth Opens Wide At Town Hall Event He Claims Wasn’t Prep For Next Clinton-Trump Debate

Donald Trump

Trump’s gets himself in trouble – yet again….

In the first Clinton-Trump presidential debate, the results were unanimous. Hillary did her homework and won handily, while an unprepared Donald Trump made a fool of himself. If Trump holds true to form, it’s entirely possible that the world is in for a repeat embarrassment by the GOP nominee on Sunday night.

In the second Clinton-Trump debate, the format will be town hall style, where both candidates will take questions directly from a group of undecided voters. What could possible go wrong for Donald Trump? In a word, everything.

The Republican presidential nominee held a town hall style campaign event on Thursday night in New Hampshire. And although the candidate insisted it wasn’t debate practice, it did appear to be a dry-run for Sunday’s face off with Clinton. If Trump’s town hall campaign event was a sign of things to come, Republicans will be hiding under their mattresses by Monday morning.

In true Trump style, The Donald spent most of his time talking about his poll numbers, insulting Hillary Clinton, and most significantly, not answering the questions posed by voters.

When he did address a genuine issue for New Hampshire voters, his response could not be repeated in front of children.

According to the Washington Post:

The Republican nominee repeatedly mentioned the heroin epidemic that has hit New Hampshire especially hard and emphasized his hard-line approach to border security as a means for fighting the flow of drugs.

“I promise the people of New Hampshire we are going to stop this crap from coming into your state,” he said.

For those who believe that Donald Trump is not qualified to be President of the United States, the “crap” that should be stopped is at the top of the 2016 Republican ticket.

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Gracie Lou

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Gracie Lou