2 Epic Fails By Trump Supporters. Don’t They Realize The Whole World’s Watching?


Are Trump Supporters Really That Dim? The Evidence Overwhelmingly Says ‘Yes’

Without trying to sound judgmental, one has to ask if Trump supporters are really as dim as some of their actions might indicate.

Take for instance the controversy surrounding Mike Pence being called out by the cast of the Broadway hit “Hamilton.”

Sure, thin-skinned Donald Trump took to his Twitter account to claim Pence was being “harassed” and demanding an apology, but the best part was the response by Trump supporters who called for a boycott of “Hamilton.” The hashtag #BoycottHamillton – yes with two “L’s” has been trending on Twitter for days as has the hashtag #BoycottHamilton with the proper number of “Ls.”

What’s remarkably funny sort of sad is the fact that “the fact that the musical juggernaut is sold out into next year” as duly noted by Broadway World. Indeed, according to the official Hamilton website, tickets are not available until August 15, 2017.

That brings us to the latest pathetic campaign being waged by Trump supporters – this time an apparent reverse boycott of Starbucks in the wake of a viral video showing a Trump supporter flipping out on a Starbucks employee.

As CNN, the Independent and others have been reporting, Trump supporters launched #TrumpCup at the bequest of the aptly named Twitter user “Baked Alaska.”

Here’s how it works: Trump supporters are supposed to go to Starbucks and tell the barista taking their order that their name is “Trump,” and if they refuse, they should be sure to film the entire incident. As  a result, Starbucks is the lucky recipient of a reverse boycott.

As Jezebel explains, “Some Trump supporters had an idea for a boycott that is actually the opposite of a boycott. It goes like this: instead of keeping your money inside of your pocket, you give it to the business you wish to protest. In this case, the lucky corporation is Starbucks.”

But wait, it gets better.

USA Today spoke with Baked Alaska, who is actually a 29-year-old political consultant and social media strategist named Timothy Treadstone, who tells them he made the whole thing up as a “social experiment.”

“This is not a protest; it’s not a boycott,” Treadstone told USA Today over the phone. “This is a social experiment … This is just something we’re doing to keep Starbucks accountable. We want to help out our economy, keep people accountable and have a little fun.”

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