Free Yourself From The Grip Of Your Misogynist Father, A Special Message For Ivanka Trump – Video


Free Ivanka! We’re here to help Ivanka Trump pry herself from the grip of her misogynist father.

We’re here to help. But if Ivanka Trump really wants to empower women, she has to pry herself from the grip of her misogynist father, Donald Trump

College Humor blasted Ivanka Trump in a new video for continuing to publicly support her father in the wake of all the controversy surrounding the Access Hollywood recording and allegations of sexual assault.

The video begins with several actresses asking Ivanka if they can talk to her without her father or her brothers around.

“Donald, if you’re watching, this video is just gonna be a bunch of ladies talking about babies and periods,” one of them exclaims.

The video has received over 6.7 million views on Facebook since its Friday release and has been shared over 91,000 times, receiving over 4,900 comments.

You can watch the clip, below, and be sure to vote next week.

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