A Powerful Symbol Comes To America To Support Victims Of Trump’s Minions


Americans are taking a cue from the Brits and wearing safety pins in solidarity against violent Trump supporters. 

As I wrote about in a previous post, the Trump trolls are taking to the streets with a sense of violent entitlement. Trump’s supporters have taken the election results as an indication that open and mass violence against anyone who isn’t a straight white male is now fully condoned and acceptable.

Almost immediately following Trump’s victory, his minions are harassing, attacking, and threatening women, Muslims, LGBTQ people, and anyone of color.

Taking a tip from the Brexit fiasco, people around the country are beginning to wear safety pins as a powerful symbol of hope and solidarity to victims of hate.

As one Twitter user named Allison put it:

The idea has quickly spread as social media users are showing selfies of themselves wearing the pins.


A powerful message from a small symbol that says we are with you, we will protect you, and we stand for you.

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