Fox News Mocks College Students, Rep. Peter King Calls Them ‘Morons’


Fox News mocks anti-Trump college students in the wake of the presidential election.

The after effects of the election that ended in Donald Trump winning the election has had an emotional and psychological effect on some college students and “millennials.” As expected, conservatives are showing very little compassion and in many cases making light of it.

An article from the FOX website, “Coddling campus crybabies: Students take up toddler therapy after Trump win,” opened their article saying:

Teddy bears, Play-Doh and coloring books are staples of nursery schools, but now they are showing up on college campuses to help distraught students cope with the election of a president they don’t like.

Rep. Peter King (NY) mocked anti-Trump college students and called them “morons.” That’s an actual sitting United States Representative, a staunch supporter of Donald Trump, calling people morons. He went on to say this during an interview with Jay Oliver, host of a local Long Island radio program:

These college students. I find it incredible. I dunno what would happen if a real war ever came. You think back to the greatest generation. And now you have these people, they’re having crying sessions, giving them comfort dogs, they’re giving them group therapy, they’re giving them consolation, because they’re so upset that Hillary Clinton lost the election.

And while there have been reports of comfort dogs and some colleges offering therapeutic support to students, it happened following an election that propelled a man who has bragged about sexual assault, offended Gold Star families, supported racism, and promised to deport millions of immigrants to the nation’s highest office.

On Thursday, Harvard student, Jacob Russell, wrote an open letter on railing against college campuses.

In the post, which Fox titles, “A Harvard student’s open letter to the delicate flowers of the Ivy League,” Russell attacks universities for their coddling of, “those who have been traumatized by the will of the American people.”

Russell, a sophomore studying history, tells student to put away the Play-Doh and adds, “What are you protesting … the democratic process?”

Russell writes:

Trump won, and he did not overthrow the government or kill people to silence them. He won in the standard fashion — by getting 270 votes in the Electoral college. You have a right to be upset, but what we have on our hands now is an embarrassment.

Which seems to be at odds with what Rep. King had to say about those pesky kids during his interview, offering the following advice: “C’mon, have some guts, have some nerve, get out there,” King said,  “We’re supposed to be a great country. Are these the morons we’re counting on to be leaders in the future?”

Like the many current and former leaders and members of congress who marched and protested for civil rights, women’s rights, the right to vote, against the war and for freedom? Those people?

Since the election, tens of thousands of people have turned out in the street to protest against Trump. There were no comfort dogs. There was no cocoa. There was no Play-Doh. Just people exercising their constitutional right to protest.

You can read the letter by Jacob Russell that FOX found so amusing here.

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