Interactive ‘Hate Map’ Identifies Hate Groups Across the Country and In Your State


“This list was compiled using hate group publications and websites, citizen and law enforcement reports, field sources and news reports. ” ~SPLC

Everyone is rightfully freaking out about the rash of violence that’s occurring in this country post Trumpapoolaza. Since an orange STD won the crown a couple of weeks ago, the rate of violence against anyone who isn’t a straight white guy has gone up. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC), there have been 200 reported incidents since the election.

“Since the election, we’ve seen a big uptick in incidents of vandalism, threats, intimidation spurred by the rhetoric surrounding Mr. Trump’s election,” Richard Cohen, president of the Southern Poverty Law Center told USA Today. “The white supremacists out there are celebrating his victory and many are feeling their oats.”

According to “TIME” Swastikas have been drawn on several doors in a residence hall at the New School in New York City on Saturday. Three Jewish women live in the suite where one of the swastikas was drawn. Anti-Semitic graffiti—including a swastika and the words “Heil Trump”—appeared at a bus stop at the University of California at San Diego. Muslims have been threatened, Hispanics have had “Build that wall,” chanted at them, and black students have been threatened in Pennsylvania by a group named “MudMen.” And that’s just a snippet of what’s going on all over the country thanks to President-elect Trump opening the door to unfettered racism and misogyny.

Hate groups across the country are gearing up for a free for all; and during the campaign, Hillary Clinton accused Trump of “taking hate groups mainstream.”

You might not think that these groups are all that prevalent, or you might think that they’re somewhere else and not in your neck of the woods. The vigilant people at the Southern Poverty Law Center have been tracking these groups and have located 892 of them across the country. You can check the map yourself and filter by groups and state. The results might surprise you.

The “Hate Map” can be found here.

The page describes the groups as having beliefs or practices that attack or malign an entire class of people, typically for their immutable characteristics. This list, according to their site, was compiled using hate group publications and websites, citizen and law enforcement reports, field sources and news reports. Groups that appear in the center of states represent statewide groups.

If you’d like to contact them or have a report of a group they’ve missed there contact info can be found on their website.

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