These Joe Biden Memes Mocking Trump Are Killing Me!


You gotta love Joe Biden – and these memes are cracking me up.

An amateur photographer based out of the Washington D.C. metro area named Joshua Billinson has become the latest Twitter star with his Joe Biden memes.

In the wake of Hillary Clinton’s stunning defeat, Billinson has taken to his Twitter account, publishing a series of memes focusing on Vice President Joe Biden’s response to a Trump presidency.

Billinson began the series on November 10th with the following tweet:

Obama: ‘They just called it for Trump, he won”
Biden: “Well I’m not going to call him President, ever! Not even if there’s a fire!”

In his memes, he covers a wide range of topics from Trump’s leading role in the birther movement to Trump’s tiny hands and …..

There are several that cover a hilarious range of practical jokes being played on Trump by Biden.

He also takes on VP-Elect Pence:

For Part 2, go here.

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