Mom Who Posted Photo With Hillary Clinton Getting Death Threats From Trump Supporters 


Since Election Day, stories have been pouring in about emboldened Trump supporters bullying, making threats and vandalizing property.

The New York Post has reported the latest victim is Margot Gerster — the mom who was out hiking in Chappaqua with her baby the day after the election. She randomly ran into Bill and Hillary Clinton and posted a picture with Hillary on Facebook — which immediately went viral.

Soon after the story broke, Gerster told the NY Post she’s been receiving death threats from the alt-right (racists, white supremacists).

When asked if she received threats via phone, mail or email, Gerster replied “yes,” but refused to elaborate.

“I don’t want to discuss this anymore. This story needs to go away. It got a lot of positive feedback from a lot of people, but I don’t want this to add on to this blowback, I don’t want to fuel the fire.”

Gerster wouldn’t reveal if she reported these threats to authorities, but a spokeswoman from the New Castle police department (which includes Chappaqua) says they have no record of any reports.