Paul Ryan Is Rising From The Swamp To Help Trump Take Your Medicare

Paul Ryan

Paul Ryan really hates Medicare – he’d rather give the money spent on caring for the sick to America’s suffering billionaires in the form of tax breaks

Medicare is perfect example of a government program that works extremely well, helps millions of people, and is among the most popular ever created. Republicans hate it because it proves they’re wrong when they claim government can’t do anything to help people. Speaker Paul Ryan really hates Medicare, because he’d rather give the money spent on caring for the sick to America’s suffering billionaires in the form of tax cuts and subsidies.

Now that Republicans have complete control of the federal government, Ryan is foaming at the lips. He sees the end of Medicare within reach. All he needs is to do is make President Trump think that phasing out Medicare will make America great again, and his orange-haired swamp buddy  will sign on the dotted line. Right?

Well, maybe.

Donald Trump is a lot things, but ready to feel the wrath of nearly 54 million Medicare-loving Americans is not one of them. Therefore, the real battle here is going to be between Trump’s need to be loved by millions and Ryan’s serpentine tongue, as he tries to con seniors and the disabled into surrendering their right to health care.

Let the games begin

The Washington Posts’ Paul Waldman explains Ryan’s plot to destroy Medicare extremely well:

As part of his strategy, Ryan must convince people that Medicare is all but dead already, so we don’t actually lose much by putting it out of its misery. That’s why he says things like, “Because of Obamacare, Medicare is going broke.”

This is not just a lie but the precise opposite of the truth, and Ryan knows full well it is; in fact, the ACA extended the solvency of the Medicare trust fund by over a decade.

And be warned: Any time you hear Republicans say the phrase “entitlement reform,” understand that phasing out Medicare is what they’re talking about.

It’s difficult for some to understand why one person would go so far out of their way to hurt so many others, but that is what America has in Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan. His disdain for the poor is wrapped in the rancid word salad he peddles to the public, seemingly without conscience.

Forward Progressives describes Ryan this way:

Just as Ayn Rand basically hated the poor, Paul Ryan shares that disdain for the poorest and weakest among us….

Then let’s not forget that he’s someone who’s constantly pushing for major cuts to entitlement programs, frequently claiming the country can’t afford them – while also being someone who’s literally voted for trillions in spending to fund wars and bail out Wall Street.

There are two basic philosophies when it comes to health care in America; you either believe it is a basic human right, or you believe it is a privilege reserved only for those who can afford it.

Paul Ryan’s position is clear. He’s already got his own taxpayer-funded health care plan, which he would surely claim he ‘earned.’ As for everyone else? Well, in true Ayn Rand fashion, you’re on your own.

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