‘Terrorized’ By Neo-Nazi Gang, Denver Residents And Shop Owners Are Fighting Back – Video


Residents of a Denver neighborhood claim they are being terrorized by neo-Nazi gangs.

Shop owners in and residents in Denver, Colorado rally to boot out a neo-Nazi group that they claim has been terrorizing the Capital Hill neighborhood.

ABC 7 Denver, The Denver Channel, reports that residents in a Denver neighborhood claim they’re being “terrorized” by a group of skinheads (neo-Nazis) who are making life miserable for everyone who lives around them.

Records show that police officers have responded to 11 different complaints in 2016 — including narcotics and criminal behavior. One store owner reports the gang of skinheads have been permanently banned from two of the local bars.

A number of store owners say they’re planning ban the skinheads from their establishments, with the hope that once the group is unable to buy food and other essential items, they will vacate and leave the neighborhood.

Not everyone is bothered by the white supremacists; a neighbor, Simon Lofts, say they do more good than harm, because they sweep the streets and keep the neighborhood clean and that the skinheads are “just nice people.”

You can watch a clip from The Denver Channel, below: