These Joe Biden Memes Are The Perfect Revenge America Needs Right Now


These hilarious Joe Biden memes are the perfect revenge against Donald Trump’s ridiculous presidency.

President-elect Donald Trump is set to take office on January 20th provided the electoral college doesn’t turn against him, allegations of Russian meddling in the election don’t turn out to be true (which seems less likely with each passing day), or some other revelation or incident don’t turn against him.

In the meantime, these Joe Biden memes are taking the internet by storm.

Our first example shows President Obama making his first public remarks after the disastrous election. Referring to Trump, Obama states that: “We are now all rooting for his success in uniting and leading the country.”

Biden can be seen beside the President making the sign of the cross.

However, in the original un-edited video – Biden actually made the sign of the cross after Obama said, “I’ve lost elections before. Joe hasn’t.”

Amateur photographer Joshua Billinson was one of the first creators of the Biden memes producing such favorites as this one mocking Trump’s perpetuation of the birther claims against Pres. Obama.

Our next one, once again by Josh Billinson takes on rumors of a Biden presidential run in 2020:

Our next example takes on the controversy surrounding Donald Trump’s now infamous Access Hollywood bus tape:

This playful example takes on Trump’s allegedly small hands:

This example takes on both Trump’s noted orange hue and his small hands:

And we leave you with this final example. For more Joe Biden memes, be sure to check out “These Joe Biden Memes Mocking Donald Trump Are Killing Me.”

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