Tina Fey Taunts Breitbart Trolls – Video

Tina Fey Mocks Anti-Feminist Breitbart Trolls About Fictitious ‘All-Female Hitler Biopic’

During a speech to a group honoring working women in the entertainment field Wednesday, comedian Tina Fey had a little fun with the trolls who read Breitbart; the alt-right (white supremacist), anti-feminist propaganda website.

The former Saturday Night Live writer and host of the ever popular Weekend Update, used her trademark snark to rile Breitbart’s humorless base.  Just before she brought up the controversy over the all-female cast of the Ghostbusters remake, she threw out this little nugget for the Breitbart trolls to chew on

“I promised myself I wouldn’t get up here today and talk about the election, because when I get written up in Breitbart I wanted it to be because they’re mad that I’m making an all-female Hitler biopic.”

When Warner Bros. announced that the cast of Ghostbusters would be all women last July, the writers and readers of Breitbart bullied one of the stars, SNL‘s Leslie Jones, which led to the actress leaving Twitter for a while. You know, because they were making America great and junk.

Take a look at the clip, Fey is her usual self – brilliant.

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