Carl Bernstein Confirms Our Worst Fears: Even Republicans ‘Are Doubting Trump’s Stability’ – Video

Legendary Watergate investigative reporter Carl Bernstein says that Trump’s presidency is in chaos less than two weeks after his inauguration.

Bernstein made the remark during a Monday evening interview with CNN’s Don Lemon regarding Trump’s decision to fire acting US Attorney General Sally Yates over what Business Insider describes as “objections to his executive order on immigrants and refugees, after 72 hours of dissent from Republicans and Democrats following Trump’s signing of the order last week.”

Bernstein told Lemon that, although Trump was “within his rights” to fire Yates, “it was not wise that he did,” adding that Trump “has obstructed the most basic of American principles of what we stand for as a country in terms of immigration: a nation of immigrants. These are authoritarian pronouncements that he has been making for days now, and it’s starting to haunt him.”

Bernstein went on to say that Yates’ firing is indicative of a presidency mired in chaos.

“What’s really happened here is that the president and his presidency is in chaos,” he continued, adding that:

“It’s apparent to all but his most serious defenders and those who are his greatest defenders and advocates. But for Republicans on Capitol Hill, who I’m talking to who are doubting his abilities, doubting even his stability under pressure. This is an extraordinary series of events.”

As Business Insider concludes in their report:

Aside from the immigration executive order, Trump in the first 10 days of his presidency has rhetorically rumbled with lawmakers, heads of state, and the press — and it’s all happening under the specter of Trump’s historically low 43% approval rating.

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