Fiery Exchange Erupts Between Anderson Cooper And Kellyanne Conway – Video

CNN’s Anderson Cooper clashes with Kellyanne Conway over the Russia report.

Kellyanne Conway and CNN’s Anderson Cooper clashed in an interview over CNN’s reporting of the classified documents presented to President Obama and President-elect Trump including allegations that Russian operatives claim to have compromising personal and financial information about Trump.

As CNN reports, “Conway, the senior adviser to President-elect Donald Trump vehemently denied a report that intelligence officials presented Trump with claims of Russian efforts to compromise him.”

The two went back and forth, arguing for about ten minutes about the issue with Conway insisting that CNN’s reporting was inaccurate and that the information regarding Russian efforts to compromise Trump was not presented to him, although she readily admitted that she was not present during Trump’s intelligence briefing.

“It’s not true,” Conway told Cooper when asked about it, adding that “We don’t discuss the classified information that is discussed”

“But you just said that it wasn’t true,” Cooper responded.

“I guess what you still haven’t answered, though, is what is inaccurate in our reporting?” Cooper asked. “Because you said you weren’t in the briefing, you don’t know if what we’re reporting is true or not. You weren’t in the briefing. And I guess you haven’t heard anything about what was in the briefing from anybody who was there. Can you deny that what we reported, not what BuzzFeed, all that unsubstantiated stuff, which we’re not reporting, what we reported — how can you say it’s not true?”

Conway repeatedly accused CNN of linking to an article by BuzzFeed containing the 35-page memo regarding Russia and Trump, and Cooper repeatedly advised her that CNN had not linked to BuzzFeed. At one point Cooper went to the CNN article to look for the link, proclaiming: “There’s no link to Buzzfeed. Full stop.”

Not willing to let the matter drop, Conway took to her Twitter account after the show, linking to an image from the CNN article showing a link and falsely claiming – once again – that CNN had linked to the BuzzFeed article.

In turn, she was fact-checked by Jim Sciutto, CNN’s Chief National Security Correspondent, who responded: “in fact, , this links to story on the controversy: Not to buzzfeed story on dossier.”

You can watch the fiery exchange below:

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