All Hell Breaks Loose On Megyn Kelly’s Facebook Page As Conservatives Go On The Attack

Megyn Kelly falls victim to the unbridled rage of Fox News viewers in the wake of her announced move to NBC News.

Megyn Kelly has had a rough last few months when it comes to conservatives.

There was the well-publicized war with Donald Trump after the first Republican presidential debate. (For those interested, ABC News published a detailed accounting of the feud – so far – last last year.)

Then, last November, the Hill reported that Fox News has fallen behind CNN in the ratings for the first time for a full month for a key demographic group for the first time since 2001. This prompted a vicious attack on Kelly by conservative website Breitbart, headed by Trump adviser Stephen Bannon.

On Tuesday, the news broke that Megyn Kelly was leaving Fox News and joining NBC.

Kelly took to her Facebook page Tuesday afternoon with a goodbye post of sorts to her fans over at Fox News (and bear in mind that Megyn Kelly’s program has topped the network for the 25-54 demographic for a substantial period of time making her one of Fox’s most beloved hosts).

In her first post she writes that “Over a dozen years ago I started at Fox News in a job that would change my life. Now, I have decided to end my time at FNC, incredibly enriched for the experiences I’ve had. I have agreed to join NBC News, where I will be launching a new daytime show Monday through Friday, along with a Sunday evening news magazine program. I will also participate in NBC’s breaking news coverage and its political and special events coverage.”

She goes on to explain that she will “greatly miss” her colleagues at Fox and remains “deeply grateful to Fox News… and especially to all of the [Fox News Channel] viewers.”

She followed up late Tuesday night with an additional post that included a video of her farewell message taped on Fox News earlier in the day. In it she states, “After more than a dozen years at Fox News, I have decided to pursue a new challenge. This was a tough decision for me because I love this show, our staff, my crew, my colleagues here at Fox, and you – all of you.”

As one might have expected, all hell broke loose on her page with conservatives calling her every name in the book from racist to traitor and all points between.

Her first post received over 18K comments like this one from Brandon S.:

You betrayed your viewers. You disrespected our President-elect. Worst of all, you misrepresented who you really were all these years. With all of the energy I can muster, good riddance. You deserve a second rate news program.

Her second post has received over 2.8K comments, equally harsh in nature such as this one by Charles E.:

Your character has just been exposed if you’re going to work for them, they are nothing but liberal propaganda, then again I guess you are too. You should fit in but keep in mind a lot of us viewers will never watch that liberal trash and that means you too. I think Trump was right you’re a two-faced hypocrite.

Feel free to check out her first post, shown below, or you can click here to go to her second post and see the hate-fest as it rages on full speed ahead.



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