Howard Dean Rallies Online Progressives With Plan To ‘Destroy’ Breitbart

Former Vermont Governor Howard Dean (D) urged his Twitter followers to join a bold campaign that involves boycotting Breitbart advertisers.

Dean’s tweet included a link to a New York Times article titled,  “How to Destroy the Business Model of Breitbart and Fake News.”

The Times reported that a group called Sleeping Giants forces advertisers to blacklist Breitbart by taking screen grabs of any ads appearing next to hate speech on the alt-right (white supremacist) website. The group then posts the screen grabs on social media in an effort to shame the advertisers.

Sleeping Giant has been successful with this particular tactic. According to the group, 3M, Patagonia, Zappos and Warby Parker have reportedly pulled their ads from the conservative website.

This is what resistance looks like!

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