Poor Donald Trump Is Upset That He’s Not Adored By The Media And America

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is upset and whining that he can’t “enjoy” the White House because the media has been mean to him.

For some reason, the same guy who relentlessly hammered President Obama about his birth certificate thought that the press was going ease up on him after the inauguration, according to the “Associated Press.”

Citing an anonymous source from within the administration, the AP writes:

After relishing in Friday’s inaugural festivities, the new president grew increasingly upset the next day by what he felt was ‘biased’ media coverage of women’s marches across the globe protesting his election, according to a person familiar with his thinking. Trump was particularly enraged with CNN, which he thought was ‘gloating’ by continually running photos of the women’s march alongside the smaller crowds that attended his inauguration the day before, according to this person, one of several White House aides and associates who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly about private conversations.

Hundreds of thousands of people marched the day after the inauguration protesting the Trump presidency. The Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) reported that it was the second-busiest day ever, surpassed only by Barack Obama’s inauguration.

Obama: 1.1 million
March: 1,001,616
Trump: 570,557

Something that Trump and Trump supporters might be interested in is that the average weekday ridership is 639,000, according to WMATA. For a ratings and a size-matters guy like Trump, that has to sting.

Following a flurry of reports, images, and memes on low attendance, Sean Spicer gave a hostage-like statement to the press about the crowds being the biggest the world had ever seen. Punctuating the statement with an aggravated “Period!” He then went on to scream about the President’s feelings being hurt:

There is this constant theme to undercut the enormous support that he has. I think it’s unbelievably frustrating when you’re continually told it’s not big enough, it’s not good enough, you can’t win.

While Spicer did a fantastic job of imitating a pissed off school teacher, destroying his reputation and credibility in the process, it apparently wasn’t convincing enough for Trump. “The Washington Post,” who received leaked details from inside the first few official days of Donald Trump’s administration, wrote:

Many critics thought Spicer went too far and compromised his integrity. But in Trump’s mind, Spicer’s attack on the news media was not forceful enough. The president was also bothered that the spokesman read, at times haltingly, from a printed statement.

So Spicer’s unhinged reading of a prepared speech wasn’t unhinged enough for Trump. Maybe Spicer should have picked up a folding chair and hurled it at the head of a CNN reporter.

There was gold to be found in the Post’s article in the form of the sad billionaire’s unhappiness with the media and what should be an adoring population:

Trump has been resentful, even furious, at what he views as the media’s failure to reflect the magnitude of his achievements, and he feels demoralized that the public’s perception of his presidency so far does not necessarily align with his own sense of accomplishment.

It hasn’t even been a week since he took over. It’s not as if he brought the economy back from the brink of disaster, provided health insurance to millions, or lowered the unemployment rate by 50 percent. That takes years of work. And, even then, your presidency might be considered illegitimate.

For more fun, we go to a comment about the location of Kellyanne Conway’s office:

One suggested that Conway’s office on the second floor of the West Wing, as opposed to one closer to the Oval Office, was a sign of her diminished standing. Though Conway took over the work space previously occupied by Valerie Jarrett, who had been Obama’s closest adviser, the confidant dismissively predicted that Trump would rarely climb a flight of stairs.

And there it is. The future of our country is in the hands of a megalomaniacal tyrant whose most trusted adviser is pretty sure that he’s too lazy to climb a set of stairs. Maybe they can install a chair lift. Of course, then they’ll just compare Trump to F.D.R. But he was in a wheelchair because he had polio.

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