Reminder To Republican Hypocrites – Ronald Reagan Called For An Open Border With Mexico In 1980 – Video

Trump supporters are going to end up doing a massive face palm after watching this video of Reagan supporting open borders.

Controversy erupted last week in the wake of Trump initiating what many view to be a trade war with Mexico over his insistence in building a wall between Mexico and the United States – a wall he intends to force Mexico to pay for – or else.


As CNN reports: last Thursday, Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto cancelled a meeting with Trump that had been scheduled for this week amid growing tensions after Trump posted a tweet suggesting the meeting be cancelled unless Mexico agreed to pay for his wall.

On Friday more controversy raged from coast to coast in the wake of Trump’s immigration orders restricting immigration to Muslims from seven countries. Lacking basic knowledge of how government works, Trump signed the orders but failed to implement policy changes for Transportation and Homeland Security official leading to confusion, dozens of arrests. Ultimately members of Congress and ACLU lawyers descended on national airports nationwide along with thousands of protesters.

Even Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg finally stood up to Trump in a scathing Facebook post, reminding him that “the United States is a nation of immigrants, and we should be proud of that,” adding that “We need to keep this country safe, but we should do that by focusing on people who actually pose a threat.”


Even former Vice President Dick Cheney has called Trump’s immigration plan un-American.

In December of 2015, Cheney was interviewed by conservative radio talk show host Hugh Hewitt shortly after Trump had published his deplorable immigration plan on his campaign website.

“I think this whole notion that somehow we can just say no more Muslims, just ban a whole religion, goes against everything we stand for and believe in,” Cheney said of Trump’s plan, adding: “I mean, religious freedom has been a very important part of our history and where we came from.”

But long before that – 1980 to be exact – President Ronald Reagan called for an open border with Mexico, showing just how far Republican right Republicans have come since that time – Republicans who are supporting Trump’s threats to Mexico and immigration actions.

Here’s a couple of other points to consider regarding Reagan and immigration, starting with this quote from the presidential debate between Reagan and former Vice President Walter F. Mondale in Kansas City, Missouri on October 21, 1984:

I believe in the idea of amnesty for those who have put down roots and who have lived here even though sometime back they may have entered illegally.

And last, but not least, who can forget that Reagan granted amnesty to aliens as president, giving citizenship to over three million illegals living in the USA with the stroke of a pen, a position antithetical to current GOP ideology.

As NPR reminded the country in 2015 in the wake of Trump’s remarks about Mexico when he announced his campaign:

“Ronald Reagan signed a sweeping immigration reform bill into law. It was sold as a crackdown: There would be tighter security at the Mexican border, and employers would face strict penalties for hiring undocumented workers. But the bill also made any immigrant who’d entered the country before 1982 eligible for amnesty — a word not usually associated with the father of modern conservatism.


The law granted amnesty to nearly 3 million illegal immigrants, yet was largely considered unsuccessful, because the strict sanctions on employers were stripped out of the bill for passage.”

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