Republicans Are About To Screw The Working Class In Solid Red States

Working class voters who thought that giving Republicans big majorities would make their lives better are in for a shock. They are about to be screwed.

In at least three solid-red states, Kentucky, Missouri, and New Hampshire, consolidated Republican power is set to give the corporate donor class another gift at the expense of the working class. At the top of their agenda is Right-To-Work legislation, and laws that strip unions’ ability to collect dues from paychecks.

As The Intercept points out,

That might seem odd to voters who heard promises to ‘drain the swamp,’ but it’s what Republican partisans and business lobbyists have been demanding for years.

The deliberately deceptive name of “Right-To-Work” has nothing to do with one’s right to get a job. It’s about crushing the power of unions, and making it harder for workers to get benefits and a living wage.

According to the Economic Policy Institute,

The fact that unions are responsible for workplace benefits, higher wages, and the right to overtime pay is the very reason Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, the Koch Bothers, and other corporate interests hate them. Walker hates unions so much he compared them to ISIL terrorists.

But the real “terrorist” is the Republican Party. Year after year, Republicans have gone out of their way to block proposals to raise the minimum wage. And now they are even trying to make it impossible for cities and towns to vote for local increases in minimum wage.

Republicans don’t do this in secret. Yet, blue-collar workers keep voting Republican. If you’re scratching your head over this, you’re not alone. The only possible explanation for the “sucker voter” is that they let their ears defy their eyes. Republicans are great at talking-up “creating jobs” on the campaign trail. What they fail to say is that they have no intention of requiring any of them to provide a living wage with benefits.

Now, with majority control in Washington and the state legislatures, Republicans are set to spitefully force their low-wage agenda on cities and towns that voted for Democrats.

According to The Hill,

Republican state legislatures are planning so-called preemption laws, which prevent cities and counties from passing new measures governing everything from taxes to environmental regulations and social issues.

Republican legislators around the country say liberal cities and counties vastly overstepped their bounds by implementing new taxes on sodas and sugary beverages, by raising local minimum wages or through strict new environmental regulations.

Republicans are confusing dictatorship with democracy. And it’s pretty obvious which one they want.

Let’s hope that all this Republican overreach makes it clear that in 2018, Democrats can’t afford to stay home on Election Day.

Tell Congress what you think about what they’re doing to your country. Call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121

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Gracie Lou

Gracie Lou

Gracie Lou is a political junkie, animal rights advocate, and award-winning writer. She believes that if people can stand on line to buy junk food, they can stand on line to vote.
Gracie Lou