We Will Not Be Silenced. We Will Not Tolerate A Man That ‘Grabs Women By The P*ssy’

Election or no election, we’re not going to idly stand by and support this president or condone his vile words and deeds.

After two months of holding my tongue and carefully searching for the appropriate words, and only a handful of days before the inauguration, I finally feel ready to talk about the election that lead to my personal heartbreak on November 8, 2016.

Let me first start by stressing that my own anguish is not due to the fact that the 46.1% minority of the population, through an outdated voting process, elected a master Con Man; if I’m going to maintain being honest throughout, I must concede that all politicians need that quality to some extent, most are just much better at disguising their personal brand of snake oil. Nor does my sorrow stem from him being a Republican, or presenting himself as such, whichever the case may be; there are many members of the GOP, as well as the Democratic and Independent parties alike, that have and will continue to do great work for our country with the class and dignity that we, as a nation, expect.

Then there’s the question of would I prefer the person that holds the most powerful position in the world to have a tad more government experience, or any at all for that matter, ABSOLUTELY! Then again as a business owner that deals with other companies’ incompetence daily, I know firsthand that no matter how good a resume, the most qualified candidate doesn’t always get the job — that’s ultimately left up to the requirements of the one doing the interviewing; but I’m going to go out on a limb and say 99.99% of those inept professionals don’t have the codes to the Nuclear Football at their tiny tweeting fingertips.

And yes, while openly pained that my mother, mother-in-law and the women of their generation will probably not see a female president in their lifetimes, I’m still very proud of the undeniable fact that the popular vote did ‘shatter the ceiling,’ and I am confident that this is just the beginning of Powerful Pussies in our Politics; and with gratitude and the utmost of respect, flaws and all, I thank the former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State for making it possible that my daughter will never identify with a life where it isn’t an actual possibility.

However, the root of my entrenched  disappointment lies in the fact that my daughter, as well as my two sons, will also know a world where the President Elect of the United States of America not only promotes hate and division among our own citizens, whether his actual words and actions mirror his beliefs or not, but also admits while on a live mic ‘in private’ to condoning sexual assault by ‘grabbing them by the pussy’ and that We the People, or at least less than half (2,865,075 less to be exact), of us, think it’s more than acceptable to have that type of behavior rewarded by promoting him from a Reality Show character, to the sole position that represents the moral values of our 50 States.

Now of course, I have heard the argument that this is all ‘locker-room talk’ and ‘boys will be boys’, and while I’ve spoken with a number of male friends that adamantly disagree with that excuse, admittedly I have never been in a men’s locker room so I really cannot say accurately; but what I can say without any doubt is that I had been sleeping in my own bed in my own room in my parents’ home under the false security of the New Jersey suburbs at the age of 15 when someone with the same mind set actually thought it was also okay to grab my pussy, among other things, and did just that with neither my knowledge or consent.

Unlike many others, I was very lucky to have woken up mid-assault and kicked him off of me, which resulted in him running out and me locking my door before there was penetration or worse; but make no mistake, there is no changing the fact that I was sexually assaulted by one of my brother’s High School friends that night in 1983 unbeknownst to my older sibling or anyone else that day or any other day after, until just recently; and while I have remained silent about it for the better part of 33 years, I have lived with it privately every single day since.

Consequently, like most women with similar or worse stories, when I heard that vile recording of a presidential candidate of all people, not only boasting, but bragging about carrying out similar acts as if they were acceptable, while my stomach turned, I instantly flashed back to that teenage version of myself and relived how violated and vulnerable I felt at that moment; that is an emotion my daughter or anyone else’s daughter should never have to know, let alone have to hear another human being laughing about inflicting on another, no matter how private they believe their conversation to be.

Even though I consciously refused to speak up then letting that one horrific experience define me as a woman or label me a victim, I presently refuse to conform to the current political landscape being laid out in front of me by the soon to be appointed 45th president; and for the sake of my children’s future, as well as all others, unlike three decades ago, I refuse to stay quiet now — there is too much at stake.

Under the incoming administration, not only are the bodies of approximately 50.8% of the population under attack, so are our civil and constitutional rights; as well as the rights of many other minorities who can’t or won’t speak up for themselves.  And, while I understand that my personal platform to have my voice finally heard is a lot smaller than an Access Hollywood leaked tape or the stage of the televised Golden Globes, that will not deter me from doing what I can to help make a difference no matter the scale.

I am fully aware that my voice and efforts alone will go unnoticed without support. Like a fabulous woman before me once wrote, ‘It Takes a Village’; so I urge you, no matter how big or small, to please join me in spreading the message that women, as well as the men who love and respect them, will not stand by quietly and endorse the actions of a man that “Grabs them by the Pussy”!

And in a ‘put my money where my mouth is’ effort, to start my personal campaign in conjunction with my company, Fabulousophy, I have created my first, with more to come, special presidential t-shirt from which I will be donating 20% of the net profits to Planned Parenthood to assist as many pussies in need as possible for the next four years:  www.fabulousophy.com/product/presidential-pussy-tees

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Tanna Kelly

Tanna Kelly

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Tanna Kelly