Trump Destroyed Online After Posting Desperate Facebook Plea

A desperate Trump has resorted to begging on Facebook for people to attend his upcoming inauguration ceremony.

In the wake of reports that more protesters are expected to march on Washington DC than Trump-supporters attending his inauguration ceremony, Trump posted a video plea on his Facebook page late Tuesday inviting people to attend the swearing in ceremony.

As The Guardian reported over the weekend, one such protest – the Women’s March on Washington – “now has almost 200 progressive groups, large and small, signing on as supporting partners. The issues they represent are as varied as the environment, legal abortion, prisoners’ rights, voting rights, a free press, affordable healthcare, gun safety, racial and gender equality and a higher minimum wage. Men are invited. More than 300 simultaneous local protests will also occur, across all 50 states, and support marches are planned in 30 other countries.”

Dozens of Congress members are boycotting the nomination ceremony with CBS News, CNN, The Washington Post, and others reporting that more than 50 House members, representing more than 10-percent of Congress, vowing to skip the ceremony.

While Trump’s team has suffered a near-absolute failure to attract any A-list celebrities for the inauguration ceremony, an ever increasing list are expected to attend Saturday’s Women’s March, according to news and entertainment website Heavy. U.S. News and World Report noted last week that Trump surrogates “are trying to lower expectations for his inauguration” but no one is really buying that line.

Meanwhile, Trump’s video plea, recorded at Trump Tower New York, has received literally thousands of comments many of them far less than flattering and others quite humorous.

Below is a sprinkling of some of our favorites.

  • You know what’s hilarious? Trump has to GIVE away tickets to his inauguration to get people to attend. And they still won’t! It’s gonna be a sad sad party lol. There’s a reason more people are protesting the inauguration rather than watching or attending.
  • Thanks for the invite , but due to a limited budget I am saving up for visiting during your impeachment hearings!
  • I’d rather slide down an 8ft razor blade naked as the day I came into this world into a pool of salt and rubbing alcohol….. I will NEVER support you. You will NEVER be my president. Hope you have a horrible time Donald J. Trump. You lying, spongy clay brained maggot pie.
  • Your inauguration is ‘Not’ historic or exciting. You did ‘NOT’ win the popular vote (people’s choice)! Lowest popularity rating for an incoming President, only 40%!! Even those that voted for you .. don’t like you as a person. Hope you’ll be able to ‘stop tweeting’ long enough to take the oath of office, but I doubt it.
  • Thanks for the invite but I’m getting my eyeballs scooped out with a spiky ice cream scoop and no anesthesia that day. So…Kinda have something better to do.

We didn’t have the stomach to embed his video post here, but if you want to read more comments or participate by leaving a comment of your own, here is a link to it.

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