Trump’s Reactions Prove He’s Putin’s ‘Idiot Marionette’ And An ‘Active Russian Agent’ 

Keith Olbermann is famous for his direct, no bullshit approach, and he commented on the recent CNN bombshell report claiming the Trump campaign was in cahoots with Russian officials.

Olbermann pointed to recent tweets by Trump to support the idea that he is indeed a Putin puppet, and he even went so far as to suggest Donald Trump is a Russian agent.

“Any essential distinction between Donald Trump being an idiot marionette belonging to Putin, and Donald Trump acting like a Russian agent has been fully erased in one week. And it has been erased by Donald Trump.

“Because. He. Cannot. Leave. It. Alone.”

He went on to say:

“Because every move Donald Trump has made this year has been politically tone deaf. He could not make it look more like he is covering up something, something horrifying, if he hung a sign around his neck reading ‘cover-up.’”

Olbermann pointed out that, by bad-mouthing the United States intelligence community, he’s digging himself into a deep hole; and it makes him look guilty. Many people are saying …

It’s fantastic to see someone calling it for what it is, and Olbermann continues to knock it out of the park.

Watch him via Twitter:

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