Trump Never Briefed On Executive Order Giving Bannon Power Over National Security

A stunning New York Times report revealed that Trump was never briefed before signing an executive order which elevated his chief strategist, Steve Bannon, to a principal on the National Security Council while other NSC members were downgraded.

According to the Times, Trump complained that no one explained the details of the executive order to him, and he had no idea he was granting such significant power to Bannon. This was the first time in history a non-military political advisor was put in charge of a board of military experts who advise the president on national security.

White House Chief of Staff Reince Priebus created a checklist of ten steps and approvals to be reviewed before Trump signs them – the National Security Council order did not go through that list.

Let’s recap: The president of the United States signed an executive order he didn’t read; and worse, he had no understanding of the details. This sloppy, embarrassing move resulted in granting unprecedented power to a known white supremacist who’s obsessed with war.

The Times report is evidently infuriating Trump for exposing his gross negligence. Aside from highlighting his glaring incompetence, it was also revealed that Trump clocks out around 6:30 pm, and spends the rest of his evening alone in a bathrobe watching television marking up newspapers with a sharpie  — that is if he’s not exploring the White House. Even more embarrassing, the Times article claimed his aides meet in darkened rooms because they haven’t figured out how to operate the light switches.

It’s become clear to everyone on Internet that Steve Bannon is really the president — the viral hashtag #PresidentBannon has Trump fuming!

And we’re only at the start of week three.

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