‘Drunk’ Trump’s Press Conference Is A Must See – Video 

Five weeks in. Is it 2020 yet?

Since we have to endure a crazed toddler in the Oval Office, we must find ways to relieve the angst and constant state of disbelief and find time to laugh —even if it’s just a little. I believe this video will help.

Watching slowed down footage of Donald Trump’s unhinged press conference is slightly less painful because Trump sounds as if he had a few too many vodka tonics. If you didn’t know the tape was edited, you’d swear he was three sheets to the wind.

Whether it’s his underdeveloped vocabulary or his awkward hand gestures, watching Trump’s “drunk” presser seems to make more sense. It’s kind of familiar — like listening to your intoxicated Republican uncle conservasplaining  to you on Thanksgiving.

Watch specifically for his bit on Hillary Clinton and Uranium.

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