The Majority of Americans Say Donald Trump is ‘Embarrassing’

New polls show Americans just aren’t that into Donald Trump; in fact, the majority of U.S. adults say the former reality TV show host is “embarrassing.”

It’s no secret that Donald Trump is obsessed with his own popularity. Trump repeatedly brags about himself: his popularity, his success, his money, and his philanthropy. For the most part, he usually has to spin the figures — tell lies — in order to make himself look good.

But a new set of numbers released by pollsters this week show that Americans just aren’t that into him, no matter how much he fudges the numbers. In fact, for the most part, Americans are simply embarrassed by the new White House Resident.

Although the polls reveal a rather strong partisan bias with voters on the left and right, which is not much of a surprise in the current political atmosphere of rancor, overall, 58 percent of Americans say they’re just flat-out embarrassed by Donald Trump.

Blinded by his own gilded persona, the one he’s spent decades promoting and licensing out as a “brand,” Trump has thoroughly bought into his own high-end hype. But Americans, who have come to expect some dignity and sincerity from their president, just aren’t impressed.

A new poll from McClatchy-Marist was released on Wednesday, showing some not-very-surprising statistics about how Trump is doing among U.S. voters one full month into his term in the Oval Office.

The McClatchy-Marist poll surveyed 1,073 adults: 34 percent Democrats, 25 percent Republicans, and the majority — 40 percent — independent voters. Only 29 percent referred to themselves as “liberal,” 32 percent said they were moderate, and the majority — 39 percent — described themselves as conservative.

Overall, 58 percent of those polled said that “Donald Trump’s conduct as president so far” made them feel “embarrassed.” Only 33 percent said he made them feel proud.

Although more Republicans said he made them feel proud — 78 percent — 12 percent of them are embarrassed. A full 90 percent of Democrats are embarrassed, and of independent voters, which make up the majority of party affiliation registrations nationally, 60 percent said that the White House Resident made them feel embarrassed.

Interestingly, although there was a large divide between parties, factors such as income, ethnicity, or education weren’t as divisive. Sixty percent of those with household incomes below the $50,000 mark were embarrassed, with the number only dropping to 57 percent for those who made more.

College graduates are a bit more mortified than non-graduates, with 64 percent of grads feeling embarrassed, and 54 percent of non-grads, but either way, the majority of Americans find his behavior hard to take. Even non-college educated whites — Trump’s core demographic — was equally split 45/45.

Even the majority of senior citizens — 53 percent — are embarrassed by Donald Trump, with only 37 percent of the 60+ crowd feeling “proud,” and 9 percent just unsure.

The Washington Post provided a handy graphic:

A Quinnipiac University Poll released Wednesday may have pinpointed some of the factors in why Americans are just not buying Trump’s line of goods.

According to the new poll, Donald Trump currently has a favorability rating of 39 percent. His disapproval rate is 55 percent, and rising steadily. Breaking down the reasons might offer more insight as to why:

Of those responding to the Quinnipiac poll, 55 percent think Donald Trump is dishonest, and 55 percent think he has poor leadership skills.

Although the majority of respondents think he’s intelligent and a strong person, the majority — 63 percent — think he’s not level headed, and only 37 percent think he shares their values. The majority of American voters think Donald Trump simply doesn’t care about average Americans.

Only 38 percent believe they can trust Donald Trump to do the right thing all or at least most of the time.

Donald Trump may brag about his popularity, but the fact is that he’s simply the least popular U.S. president since polls began tracking such things when Eisenhower was president. Losing the popular vote by nearly 3 million ballots, tanking approval numbers, and now, national embarrassment, may or may not herald the end of a short term in office. Hopefully, it will also mean a complete overhaul of the Electoral College system that put him in office.

From beauty pageants, to “fake” universities, to mail-order steaks, some of Trump’s shady, and sometimes just tacky schemes to grab a buck are documented in the New York Times video below:

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