Global Mockery Of Trump’s ‘America First’ Remark – Video

Countries from all corners of the planet unite in global mockery of Trump’s “America First” remark.

Comedy shows worldwide are producing videos mocking Trump and his inaugural remark about putting “America First.”

News 18 reports that: “Pranksters and critics of Trump and his ‘America First’ policy soon took to social media, posting hilarious videos and spoofs, on who wants to be second to this policy. People from Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland joined the race for the runners-up position and produced videos that capture Trump’s pomposity and signature verbiage, displaying European unity through satire and self-mockery.”

A website named “Who Wants to be Second” was created to compile all the various videos spoofing Trump.

Here are a few links, beginning with the Dutch parody that started the Europe-wide trend: “The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words.”

CNN’s Jeanne Moos reports “America first” inspires European countries to ask Trump to “make us second.”






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