My New Favorite Thing: The Best of the Tiny Trump Memes

If you have been paying attention recently, you’ve seen a few Tiny Trump memes making their way around the Innerwebs. So I did what every good person would do in this situation, and gathered the best of the best.

As with all things viral, it’s hard to cite where some of them came from, but several are from the Tiny Trump Twitter account, and others you can find using the #TinyTrump Twitter hashtag.

Here, using nothing but my own subjective tastes, are the best of the bunch. (Note: There are a lot of these out there that show just a small Trump, but just looking the same otherwise. What I love much more than those are Trump looking like the infant that he is.)

So without further ado … Tiny Trump Memes!

This is the very first one I saw. And … it’s one of the best, complete with jowls:

And, much like the last one, this rather illustrates where we are as a country … comparing the last administration to the current one:

Awww. Isn’t he … oh, nevermind:

“Who’s a goooood boy?”


“Yes, yes, you are! And so cuddly!”


Speaking of being a good boy, here’s the little one signing something he drew for Daddy Reince, and Uncle Mike observing with a warm smile. D’awwww:


“I draw good, Daddy! Now where’s my prize?!”

And here’s Mommy, helping #TinyTrump¬†down the plane steps. Don’t fall, little one! (With Jill Biden weighing in!):


“Who gonna be his own Supreme Leader? You is! Such a good boy. And him is Bigly, too!”

And who can forget the REAL President, Steve Bannon?


And to me, given the sad (“SAD! VERY SAD!”) state of things with Russia’s influence on our election and on our country, here is my personal favorite:

Got more? Please add them to the comments.

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