Trump is Losing His War with Media Outlets

Donald Trump in Ottumwa Iowa

Polls show that Trump is losing his war with media outlets, as more Americans trust journalists to tell the truth than they trust him.

Trump has launched a wholesale war on the media outlets covering his campaign and his term in the Oval Office. The first volley fired was his ban of select newspapers from covering his campaign last June, including The Washington Post and the Des Moines Register

In the handful of press conferences Trump has held since Election Day, he’s made a habit of insulting and belittling journalists and media outlets, and snarking about “fake news” on Twitter.

According to The Washington Post, Trump harassed reporters at a news conference last week, telling them, “You have a lower approval rate than Congress.”

Most media outlets have been less than friendly toward Trump, his platform, and now his policies. During the campaign last year, only six newspapers had endorsed Trump by Oct. 25, according to POLITICO, with only one — The Las Vegas Review-Journal — in a major market.

Trump’s usual tactic is to insult any critics, imply they are inaccurate, and then lie about his opponent’s influence. It appears, however, that this tactic isn’t really working for him.

A Quinnipiac University Poll released on Wednesday shows that Americans find the media outlets more reliable and more trustworthy than they do the new White House Resident. The poll found that 55 percent of American voters would say that Trump is not honest.

Tim Mallow, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Polls, says that:

“Donald Trump’s popularity is sinking like a rock. He gets slammed on honesty, empathy, level headedness and the ability to unite. And two of his strong points, leadership and intelligence, are sinking to new lows. This is a terrible survey one month in.”

When asked who they trusted more, voters surveyed said they trusted media outlets more than Trump, with 52 percent trusting the media, and only 37 percent trusting Donald Trump when it came to telling the truth about important issues. Although 50 percent of voters polled thought media outlets were unfair in their coverage of Trump, a majority — 61 percent of those polled — disapprove of the way Trump talks about media outlets.

Malloy noted:

“The media, so demonized by the Trump Administration, is actually a good deal more popular than President Trump.”

The Quinnipiac University Poll also notes that according to their tracking, Trump’s job approval rating is the lowest since he took office in January, with a negative overall 39-55 percent favorability rating. Trump’s favorability rating with women was only 35 percent approval, with 60 percent disapproval of his job handling in the Oval Office. Trump rated a 40-percent approval rating with men, with a 50-percent disapproval rating.

The poll was taken between Feb. 16 and Feb. 21; on Feb. 17, Trump sent a tweet calling news media “the enemy of the American people.”

This might have been a tipping point for Trump, as in the poll, 90 percent of voters polled by Quinnipiac agreed that it’s important for the media to hold public officials accountable.

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