GOP Strategist Blasts Trump: ‘Endless Self-Pity, Dishonest Assertions And Scapegoating’ 

Steve Schmidt was John McCain’s Campaign Director in 2008. He was also part of the team responsible for choosing Sarah Palin to be McCain’s running mate.  

Schmidt is one of very few Republicans who’s not afraid to criticize Donald Trump. Last night he appeared on The Eleventh Hour with Brian Williams and discussed Thursday’s disturbing press conference.

He told Williams, “You’ve never seen an America president, the commander-in-chief, the head of state of the United States of America, the most powerful person in the world use this mantle of victimhood.” He added that no president has ever “embraced this mantle of victimhood quite like Donald Trump did.”

As he was watching the press conference, Schmidt tweeted,  “NO American President has EVER comported themselves like this. Endless self-pity, Dishonest assertions and scapegoating.”

“As disturbing as this performance is to me, maybe to some of the other panelists, to foreign leaders, to senior members of the intelligence community, the armed forces internationally, in the country, I think Donald Trump was not talking to the people in the room, he was talking to his voters,” Schmidt asserted.

He added that Trump’s supporters believe that “if the leader says it’s true, it must be true.”

And then Schmidt really went off:

“The constancy of the lying is pernicious in a democracy and is something that I think people of good faith in this country — Republicans and Democrats — and increasingly, Republican leaders are going to have to stand up against and say this is not normal, this is not healthy, this is not right in a Democratic republic…”

In the thousands of years one month Trump has been POTUS, Schmidt has been consistent with his criticism. He recently he told the Washington Post, “The incompetence, the sloppiness and the leaking is unprecedented,” he said and added, “None of this is normal.”

More Republicans must follow Schmidt’s lead and speak the truth about Trump and his unhinged behavior.


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