REPORT: Three Weeks In And Trump Doesn’t Like His Job Or His Staff 

Donald Trump didn’t realize that the role of the President is about serving the people. He thought he was going to be the boss of America. WRONG!  Now that he has a better understanding of his position, he’s not a happy camper.

Politico interviewed nearly two dozen people who have spent time with Trump since the inauguration, and they revealed Trump’s “mood has careened between surprise and anger as he’s faced the predictable realities of governing.”

Trump apparently can’t deal with complex issues: “when discussions get bogged down in details, the president has been known to quickly change the subject — to ‘seem in control at all times,’ one senior government official said — or direct questions about details to his chief strategist Steve Bannon, his son-in-law Jared Kushner or House Speaker Paul Ryan. Trump has privately expressed disbelief over the ability of judges, bureaucrats or lawmakers to delay — or even stop — him from filling positions and implementing policies,” Politico reported.

The folks interviewed describe a workplace where responsibilities are not clear, the staff looks exhausted and morale is low.

The report indicated Trump would like to shake up his staff but he realizes it’s too soon.

Those closest to Trump say the endless leaks about phone calls with foreign leaders and the bumbling, incompetent office staff infuriate him.

A White House investigation into who’s leaking the embarrassing information revealed the leaks appear to be coming from members of the National Security Council. The administration is very unhappy and may reduce the number of aides who have direct access to phone calls and transcripts.

The result is a workplace riddled with paranoia and fear. According to the report, Trump and his allies believe the career NSC staff are out to get POTUS, and the NSC staffers don’t feel Trump is competent enough to do his job. Staffers also reportedly resent that Steve Bannon was appointed to the council by Trump.

“He doesn’t like this sh*t,” one source told Politico – who was referencing how difficult it was to get Anthony Scaramucci, one of Trump’s top fundraisers, appointed to a job in the West Wing.

Imagine how upset Trump will be when he watches this week’s Saturday Night Live – starring Alec Baldwin.

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