" /> Trump Threatens To 'Destroy' Senator's Career To Help A Texas Sheriff 

Trump Threatens To ‘Destroy’ Senator’s Career To Help A Texas Sheriff 

Donald Trump offered to destroy the career of a senator who proposed a bill he didn’t like.

On Tuesday morning, Donald Trump met with U.S. Sheriffs. Rockwall County, Texas Sheriff Harold Eavenson told Trump about a state senator who introduced a bill which would limit state’s laws on asset forfeiture.

Trump responded with, “Who is the state senator? Do you want to give his name? We’ll destroy his career.”

Everyone laughed but Trump. He didn’t laugh.

Eavenson chose not to disclose the name of the Senator.

Maybe Trump thinks he’s funny. Maybe he’s being serious. How would anyone know the difference? Trump recently told Fox’s Bill O’Reilly he respects Russian president Vladimir Putin – and that people who disagree with Putin often end up dead.

Either way, this is no way for a president to behave.

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