Right Wing Lawyer Says It’s Time Destroy & Imprison Liberals Who Oppose Trump – Video

Conservative lawyer Larry Klayman, founder of Freedom Watch, loves Attorney General Jeff Sessions and has had it up to the eyeballs with liberals who don’t like Trump! According to Klayman, this country ain’t big enough for the right-wing fascists and liberals, so one group has gotta go!

Klayman promised “to be in effect, a type of Hamburger Helper” for the Justice Department while working alongside Sessions.

In the video, Klayman said: “I commend Attorney General Jeff Sessions, and I hope to work with him in this noble goal. This is just round one. It’s time that the evil forces of the left be legally destroyed. In this world that we live in today, it’s either them or us; the two of us cannot live side-by-side. One is going to have to go, legally, peacefully. But these people who are trying to destabilize the Trump presidency and not have this country be made great again, frankly, they need to be thrown in prison.”

Here’s what the Southern Poverty Law Center has to say about Klayman:

“Larry Klayman is a pathologically litigious attorney and professional gadfly notorious for suing everyone from Iran’s Supreme Leader to his own mother. He has spent years denouncing Barack Obama as a crypto-Communist Muslim, convening meaningless “citizens grand juries,” and railing against an endless list of enemies.”