Are You A Bad Person If You Voted For Trump?

Donald Trump at Hershey PA on 12/15/2016 Victory Tour

A while back, one of my Facebook friends sent me this blog post in Ohio State’s The Tab by a young Trump voter. It  is indicative of Trump voters across the board, no matter their age.

She writes:

“I do not hate certain races, ethnicities, and genders of people just because I voted for Trump. I am not a people hater. In fact, I have many friends who identify in the LGBTQ+ community, all of whom I love and support with all of my heart. I have a majority of female friends who are my best friends and I am also a female. I have sat in classrooms with Muslim, black, and Latino/a students as my peers and we have gotten along just fine. Just because I am a conservative and I voted for Trump does NOT mean that these people “do not matter to me.”

A little farther along in her narrative, she brings up Hillary Clinton’s sins: the emails, Clinton’s change of heart regarding gay marriage (ignoring Trump’s conflicting statements over the years) and – yes, Benghazi. Painting Hillary Clinton as a liar, she then goes on to say:

I wanted a president in office that I could trust, who followed the rules and the laws and who I was confident would tell the truth. In my eyes, Trump fit this criteria and also aligned with some of my conservative beliefs. This is why I voted for him.

She, like other Trump voters, heard what Trump had to say about women. She, like other Trump voters, saw him mock a disabled reporter. She, like other Trump voters, saw him screaming at his rally attendees to throw certain people out of those rallies just because they were the wrong color or held dissenting views. She, like other Trump voters, heard his charge that Mexicans are criminals and rapists. She, like other Trump voters, heard him vilify Muslims over and over again. She, like other Trump voters, chose to overlook all of it. If she watched the debates, she and other Trump voters heard that he’d stiffed contractors. He didn’t deny it, just made statements implying the reason for doing so was “sub-par work.” She, like other Trump voters, must have seen him when his defense for not paying income tax was because he is “smart.” She, like other Trump voters, ignored it when he said one thing one minute and then contradicted himself the next – sometimes within the same sentence.

I would love to sit that young woman down and ask her how she feels about things now. Is she at all bothered by the fact that Trump has reversed protections for the LGBTQ+ community? Is she okay with the fact that he has aligned himself with the rabid Republicans who want to defund Planned Parenthood, thereby denying important health benefits to low-income women? Is she capable of understanding that not one cent of federal money goes for abortions that only comprise three percent of PP’s services? Is she upset that, despite his promise to provide a “terrific” health care plan that would cover everyone and cost less, his health care plan was to throw millions off health insurance, raise premiums for those who might be able to still afford it and divert that money to the wealthy in the form of tax cuts? Does it concern her that even though he promised to bring back coal jobs – a patent lie on the face of it for anyone who bothered to give it a nanosecond’s thought – he included in his budget a provision that would eliminate funding for the Appalachian Regional Commission? The ARC is an independent federal agency that is a jobs training program designed to help people in rural areas train for 21st century jobs for the purpose of easing the transition from the dying (not to mention dangerous and dirty) coal industry. Is she at all upset about defunding Meals on Wheels in order to give huge tax cuts to the already fabulously wealthy and pour more money into an already bloated defense budget? Does she consider it draining the swamp when Trump has packed his cabinet with billionaires, many of whom were formerly with Goldman Sachs?

She wrote:

I believe in showing one another respect, empathy, and kindness and not prejudging anyone based on their gender, ethnicity, race, identity, or beliefs.

If that is true, I would like to ask her: Why do you not hold Donald Trump to the same standard?

No, I don’t think this young woman is necessarily a bad person, although I recognize there are those who would disagree with me on that point. I am, however, extremely disappointed that she, a college graduate, failed to do due diligence before casting her vote for a man who is shaping up to be the worst disaster this country has ever seen. I am very disappointed that she fell hook, line and sinker for the lies and misinformation directed at Hillary Clinton. I am very disappointed that she and all those other Trump voters were so filled with hatred and fear that they were willing to hand this country to a man we are now finding out isn’t just an inept blowhard, but very possibly – and most likely – a traitor to this country and all that we stand for.

No, she and some Trump voters may not be bad people, but they have to be some of the most gullible people on the planet. Worse, they are also showing themselves to be unable to admit they made a terrible mistake.

That is disturbing.

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