The Fat Man In The White House Wants To Cut ‘Meals On Wheels’ Funding

Trump doesn’t think poor or disabled people deserve much, especially if they depend on the ‘Meals on Wheels’ program.

Budget priorities for 45, one of the fattest presidents in American history, are focused on things that promote war and death, since the largest spending increase in his budget goes to the Defense Department. They’ll be getting an extra $54 billion.

From CNN,

According to Meals on Wheels, roughly one in six seniors in the country struggles with hunger, and the organization served 2.4 million seniors a total of 219.4 million meals in 2015….

In addition to providing food, Meals on Wheels provides much-needed human contact for home-bound seniors. One of the ancillary benefits of the in-person delivery is that it has decreased the rate of falls in the home, saving the nation about $34 billion a year…

The reaction from Twitter was nothing short of outrage.

Both Rural and city-dwelling Trumpsters might think punishing the poor and building more bombs will make America ‘great.’ They might think that a multi-billion-dollar wall between the U.S. and Mexico will make America ‘safe.’ They may also think that dismantling Medicaid via Obamacare ‘repeal’ is a dream-come-true. What will they do when they figure out they thought wrong?

Tell lawmakers what you think of their plans for your future by calling the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121.

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Gracie Lou

Gracie Lou

Gracie Lou is a political junkie, animal rights advocate, and award-winning writer. She believes that if people can stand on line to buy junk food, they can stand on line to vote.
Gracie Lou