Fox News’ Top Military Analyst Warns Russia ‘Scandal Could Bring Down Trump Administration’

Fox News military analyst and retired Lieutenant Colonel Ralph Peters had some harsh words about Donald Trump’s “lunatic alliance” with Vladimir Putin.

Peters, who famously called President Obama a “p***y on air in 2015, recently appeared on Fox and told viewers, Trump “can’t get over his adulation of Vladimir Putin … He just will not challenge Russia on anything.”

He argued the Russia scandal isn’t going away, saying “…it’s either going to continue to grind on and bleed the administration, or it’s going to just blow up.”

Peters made the argument that Trump can get ahead of this situation by doing two things: “Denounce Vladimir Putin and disavow any notion of a lunatic alliance with Russia,” adding “…and sorry but he’s got to release the tax returns to show that the Russians have no financial leverage over him.”

The segment ended with a dire warning, “Look, this scandal — and it is a scandal — could bring down the administration, if the administration doesn’t get ahead of it,” Peters said and added, “They cannot keep allowing the slow drip-drip of blood.”

Wow! Just imagine what Fox viewers thought when they saw this exchange.

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