CNN Reporter Stunned By Panel Of Trump Supporters – Video

CNN’s Alisyn Camerota is blown away by a stunning display of blind allegiance from Trump supporters.

Camerota asked the panel to grade Trump on his performance since he was inaugurated, and all but one gave him an “A”. Only one panelist, Billy Baer, gave Trump a “B” and said “I don’t give anybody an A.”

The group was asked about a number of issues; and, while it was apparent they were willing to excuse and forgive Trump’s inability to accomplish much of anything (including the failed immigration ban and the failed attempt to get enough Republican votes for the new healthcare bill), the most stunning aspect of their blind allegiance was the doubling-down on Trump’s unproven claim there were millions of illegal votes in the 2016 election.

Camerota asked Baer if he believed Trump’s assertion that there were 3 million to 5 million illegal votes cast, and Baer replied that he personally saw “busloads” of out-of-state voters come into New Hampshire.

“When you say you’ve seen it, do you mean dozens or do you mean 3 million? There’s a difference,” Camerota asked.

Of course Baer had to admit he hadn’t actually seen 3 million illegal voters, and Camerota made sure to remind him that number came from Trump.

Baer continued to carry Trump’s water and said, “Extrapolating, based on the number I’ve seen with my own eyes, busloads of people coming in — whether they’re illegal, meaning they came into the country illegally, or they’re illegal voters — they came over from Massachusetts into New Hampshire.

Camerota asked Baer to explain how he saw “busloads and busloads” of illegal voters. Perhaps the most disturbing moment came when another panelist, Josh Youssef, chimed in and asked, “Who cares, though?”

“I care,” Camerota responded and continued,  “Just to be clear, you saw it with your own eyes, busloads and busloads of people coming from somewhere other than New Hampshire to vote. You saw that?”

Baer claimed he did see illegal voters and added that Youssef had as well. But Youssef then admitted he actually hadn’t seen the busloads and busloads, but he did change the story and said, “I’ve seen cars coming in from out of state that are full, with out-of-state plates — I live right across the street from the polling place in my ward.”

Youseff  then conceded he wasn’t able to prove voter fraud because those out-of-state vehicles might have carried legitimate voters.

Baer admitted, “Yeah, I guess that I can’t cite the busloads that I’ve seen and where I’ve seen them, but on television I’ve seen it.”

Truth is meaningless to Trump voters. But we already knew that.

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