Tea Party Leader Hammers GOP’s Healthcare Bill: Costs Will ‘Skyrocket’ (VIDEO)

Tea Party leader warns: If the GOP's Obamacare replacement bill passes, "the hard working taxpayers of this country" will get screwed on healthcare.

Tea Party leader warns: If the GOP’s Obamacare replacement bill passes, “the hard working taxpayers of this country” will get screwed on healthcare.

House Republicans give zero figs that their Democratic colleagues staunchly oppose their Obamacare replacement bill. After all, they’ve got the votes; and the GOP’s president Donald Trump says he supports it. What worries them is the backlash they’re getting from Tea Party supporters further on the Right.

Jenny Beth Martin, co-founder of Tea Party Patriots, told CNN’s New Day and MSNBC’s Live with Stephanie Ruhle to give them a piece of her mind about the GOP’s Obamacare replacement bill.

First, she went on CNN and warned that “Trumpcare” will make the cost of health insurance “skyrocket” for small business owners, self-employed people, and others who don’t get their health care coverage from an employer.

“If it passes the way it is presented right now, the hard-working taxpayers of this country will be forgotten once again.”

Jenny Beth Martin then claimed she’s getting hundreds of emails from Tea Party Patriots members who say they’re worried about the GOP’s Obamacare replacement bill.

“People are reminding me that we’ve stood in the snow, in the rain, in the hot summer heat again and again and again to oppose Obamacare, to work to get it repealed and to stand for health care freedom. What we’re seeing out of the House of Representatives is not what we expected when we voted for majorities in the House and Senate, who promised us they would repeal Obamacare.”

Talking Points Memo adds that she was among the group of right-wing leaders Donald Trump invited to the White House Wednesday night to air their concerns about Trumpcare. Here’s the video with Martin’s appearance on CNN.

But before you marvel at the Tea Party’s sudden concern for people who may have their health insurance taken away, Jenny Beth Martin makes it clear that the Tea Party Patriots still want a full repeal.

“My concerns from Tea Party Patriots is that it does not fully repeal Obamacare, and in fact, leaves in the pieces that would drive health insurance costs up even higher for those who are buying health insurance on their own or through their employers without government assistance. I’m very concerned that the prices will continue to go up. Our supporters across the country are opposed to the bill as it stands right now.”

She adds that she really does “respect and appreciate” that Donald Trump listened to her concern.

“It’s more than we can say for the congressional leadership.”

But make no mistake…whether or not members know it, the Tea Party Patriots and similar groups are funded by FreedomWorks, a nonprofit backed by the hard-right, billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch. And they could care less about the many unemployed, self-employed, and under-employed Trump voters who are about to lose their health insurance.

On Monday, we reported on how the Koch brothers are deeply concerned about all those concerned constituents begging their GOP reps not to take away their healthcare. Not because they care about these people, but because they want Republicans to ignore their damned voters and repeal Obamacare already. They told The New York Times  they’ve lost their patience and are spending heavily on a new campaign called “You Promised.”

“We’ve been patient this year, but it is past time to act and to act decisively. Our network has spent more money, more time and more years fighting Obamacare than anything else. And now with the finish line in sight, we cannot allow some folks to pull up and give up.”

That’s right. Donald Trump and the GOP are about to throw millions of people who voted for them under the bus because of two real-life Grinches in their 80’s who are too old, rich, and mean to die. They’ve already spent millions on getting the cruel, destructive, and nihilistic GOP-run Congress elected. Now, they want a return on their investment.

Here’s the video with Jenny Beth Martin pretending to care about the “hardworking taxpayers” who are about to lose their health coverage thanks to the men who pay her salary.

Featured image: Video screen grab via MSNBC.


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