The Oligarchs Are Here And They Are Winning

With all the controversy surrounding possible collusion of the Trump campaign with Russia, not to mention the controversies that greet us upon waking every single day, it’s easy to forget what this is really all about: Oligarchs.

This is about money and power. This is about oligarchs and how, by following a carefully laid out blueprint, Vladimir Putin, aided and abetted by members of the Trump campaign and perhaps the Liar in Chief himself (because if you’re the top dog on the ticket, you would be expected to know what’s going on with your campaign), have wrested power and taken over our government.

During his campaign, Donald Trump spoke to people who were rightly upset that they have not shared in the prosperity that Wall Street and its investors have enjoyed. He made promises – lots of promises: he would bring back manufacturing jobs, get rid of that “disaster” Obamacare and replace it with something “terrific” that would cover everyone. He promised to rebuild the infrastructure of this country and shouted that he would only use American manufactured steel. Bolstered by chants of USA! USA!, he promised to not just use American materials, but to hire American workers.

Now we are seeing what he’s really about. His idea of infrastructure is the Dakota Access and Keystone Pipelines and the steel won’t be American made. Those “great jobs” will only last as long as the construction phase lasts and then just a small crew will remain to maintain the pipelines – and we know how that goes. That great healthcare he promised is turning out to be just another con that would kick millions off the rolls, much like Trump University parted people trying to better themselves from their hard-earned money. Eric Trump, who owns the Trump Vineyards in Virginia, must not have been listening when his father talked about hiring American because he just asked the state of Virginia for permission to hire more foreign workers to cultivate the vineyards. The reason cited is that they couldn’t find American workers to fill the positions. That kind of puts lie to the tired talking point that those damned foreigners are taking our jobs!

No, Trump is not about America. Trump is about himself and has found in Putin a partner willing to help him increase his wealth. For a price. And he’s more than willing to pay that price because hey! Mo money, mo money, mo money! He could care less about his base, other than the fact he loves to go out like he’s still campaigning and bathe in the adulation of his sadly uninformed and sometimes hideously bigoted worshipers.

His promise to “drain the swamp” has resulted in a cabinet swamped with billionaires whose intent, for the most part, is to dismantle the institutions they have been appointed to run. The reason is simple: there’s profit to be made in abolishing those pesky regulations regarding clean air and water. Dispatch those mouthy women by taking away their pregnancy benefits, their access to affordable maintenance procedures like cancer screenings, access to birth control and then, ultimately, of abortion. Keep ‘em barefoot, broke and pregnant. Make sure the public remains woefully under-educated so the people are unable to distinguish truth from lies; and above all else, make sure to pit them against each other.

Back during the 2016 campaign, Bernie Sanders warned about the oligarchs. Well, they are here, and they are in power; and they will do anything it takes to stay in power. There are Hillary Clinton “supporters” who still insist that Bernie is the reason Trump won, but that’s a load because Bernie, being an honorable sort, asked the Democratic Party if he could run as a Democrat. There were two reasons: 1. Bernie never thought he’d become a rock star on the campaign trail and achieve the requisite 15% to be able to participate in the debates to get his message out. 2. He didn’t want to pull a Ralph Nader and throw a monkey wrench into the general election. Once it became clear that Sanders was way more than a flash in the pan, the Russian machine went after him in the most insidious way – by putting up a Facebook page called Bernie Sanders Lovers. Except it was, and continues to be, a disinformation tool run from Albania. A check of the page shows that its main purpose is to keep the divide among progressives wide open as a way of fracturing the Democratic Party. And it’s working.

Estimates of Putin’s wealth are sketchy, ranging from $40 billion on the low side to $200 billion on the upper limit. Whatever it is, it’s more than Trump is worth. And you know that just eats at him. He can’t insult Putin, because – well, there are a lot of reasons, and it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that Vlad has some nasty stuff he’s keeping in his arsenal to keep Donnie in line to do his bidding.

Meanwhile, Russia heads the list of oligarchic countries, and you can bet your bottom dollar – and that’s probably all you’ll wind up with if this insanity is allowed to go on for much longer – that the Orange Scourge is just champing at the bit to take the number one spot on that list.

This is not new. I wrote about it years ago on an old blog and republished it here on Liberals Unite. My fellow Americans, this is war; not just with Russia, but with a worldwide network of oligarchs who consider the planet theirs for the taking and those of us who are not fabulously wealthy to be their replaceable pawns.

The only way to reverse this is for us to work together before we lose the gains we have made and the Great American Experiment becomes a just another sad footnote on the pages of history.

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Ann Werner

Ann Werner

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