Trump Supporters Call For ‘Liberal Genocide’ At Arizona Rally -Video

Anger, fear and hatred was on full display at an Arizona Trump rally.

On March 4, Trump supporters — including white nationalists, heavily armed militiamen and some elected officials — gathered at the state capitol in Maricopa County, Arizona as part of a nationwide march for Donald Trump.

The anger, fear and hatred was on full display as they expressed anti-semitism, support for a border wall, deporting immigrants and one attendee called for liberal genocide.

A thirteen year-old boy who attended the rally told The Real News, “Yeah, I was the one who started to chant, ‘Build the wall,'” and then pointed to someone in the crowd and said “If she really is that Jewish, she should go back to her country.'”

Arizona Congressman Anthony Kern (R) said of Hillary Clinton, “I heard ‘lock her up, lock her up’ [on the 2016 campaign trail], and we still need to pursue that.”

One attendee pushed the ridiculous theory that AZ Republican Senator John McCain is a “secret communist.”

Another man insisted, “This is America, we don’t want Sharia Law,” and said America is a “Christian country.”

“I just want to let them know that I can’t wait for the liberal genocide to begin,” one Oath Keeper shouted

“That’s the way to make America great again,” he later told The Real News. “Liberals are destroying the country.”