Latest Pew Poll: Trump Numbers Lowest Of Any President In History

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For a person who glories in adulation, Donald Trump has got to be feeling pretty upset at the latest Pew polling data.

Trump’s score is stuck at an abysmal 39%, the worst rating of any president in his first term. Even worse, when compared to Obama, who was at 61% approval during his first term, it has to be particularly galling.

Take out white voters and Trump is barely above water, with 81% of African-Americans and 78% of Hispanics disapproving of his performance. You can almost hear Trump gasping for breath.

The Republican Party as a whole isn’t doing well with the public either. House Speaker Paul Ryan is in the sub-basement with just a 29% approval rating. Overall, even though the GOP polls higher than Democrats on terrorism, gun policy, the economy, trade, and taxes, the gap in approval rates is not exactly yawning. Democrats outperform on government spending (now there’s a surprise!), immigration, foreign policy, education, health care, abortion and the environment.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Back in December 60% thought Trump would be effective at handling Congress. Now only 46% believe that to be true; and, unless something changes radically, that number looks to be on the decline as well. His threats to members of his own party haven’t worked out well either, so the bully tactic that served him so well on stage during the GOP primaries isn’t flying with members of Congress. In fact, members of the Freedom Caucus, the ultra right wing group in the House, have dug in their heels and pretty much spit in Trump’s face. And there’s not a thing he can do about it.

It says a lot when you have a firm majority in Congress and still can’t get things done.

For all of the bluster about making America great again, Trump has failed time and time again to fulfill his campaign promises. But that’s because his promises, just like the man who made them, are nothing but hot air.

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