Bill Maher: Trump Is Just Another Right Wing Down-The-Line A**hole – Video

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Bill Maher minced no words during an interview about Donald Trump on HBO’s Attn:

His opening salvo:

“Even the things we thought might be good about Trump, like he’s not beholden to any ideology, but he turned out to just be another right wing down-the-line asshole.”

Some other gems:

“He literally talked his way into the White House. Like a guy who isn’t on the list talks his way into a nightclub.”

“I know a lot of them (Trump voters) would say, ‘Well, yes, but if he delivers even half … That’s not how conmen work. They don’t deliver half. They deliver nothing and then they move on to the next town. Or in his case, the next lie.”

When asked which member of Trump’s cabinet was the most troubling, Maher said, “Well, Rick Perry in charge of the nukes.”

On Sean Spicer after a clip where Spicer went in front of the press saying the inauguration audience was the largest PERIOD! : “That poor f***er. You know, to have to go out there … You know, there’s a crazy person but I’m gonna …”

The interview is classic Bill Maher.

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