Donald Trump’s Traveling Salvation Show

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Another opportunity to appear presidential squandered as Trump addresses the nation.

In the immediate aftermath of the U.S. bombing of an airfield in Homs, Syria, media figures from both the right and the left praised the action, although some voiced concerns regarding what comes next. That remains to be seen.

Donald Trump took to the airwaves in a recorded message to address the nation. An obvious attempt at gravitas quickly degenerated into a blatant attempt to please the evangelical wing of his base when Trump invoked God in a style altogether too reminiscent of an old time preacher selling snake oil to the True Believers. Read the full text of his statement here.

Commentators repeatedly voiced concerns regarding whether or not Russian personnel had been killed or injured in the attack, stoking fears of a conflict with that nation. Both the United States and Russia have troops on the ground. Reports say that Russia was given warning of the attack to allow their personnel to move to a safe location.

Here’s what I think.

I think this was the perfect vehicle for Donald Trump to take the public’s mind away from his Russia woes. There’s nothing quite like the possibility of another conflict to deflect attention from the increasingly mounting evidence of Russian interference and possible collusion by the Trump campaign. I think it was also the perfect vehicle for both Trump and his buddy Putin to make some serious money. Oil prices jumped to their highest level since early March.

I may just be a blogger sitting at her computer in the wee hours of the morning, but it’s as plain to me as the stars in the night sky. The people of Syria have been living in hell for the past six years and have no choice but to continue to endure the unendurable for the foreseeable future. Can they expect a government that has vowed to slash foreign aid to do anything other than drop bombs? Dropping bombs is so much easier and, to a mind like Trump’s, sexier. In the end, the Syrian people are just pawns on the oligarchs’ chessboard. We all are. The rich get richer while we have the privilege of paying for their windfalls.

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