Inside The Conservative Mindset

Every so often, just for shits and giggles, I head on over to a conservative site to see what kind of swill they’re dishing out.

Today, I thought I’d visit Chicks on the Right, those Indiana girls who just LOVE Donald Trump, because … well, I really can’t figure out why any woman would love a lying, self-avowed sexual predator, but there’s no accounting for taste. While perusing their entrees, I came across a couple of articles attacking Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

The Chicks hit it big a while back, so much so that they hired some younger women to write on their blog, leaving time for them to do whatever conservative women do when they’re not being completely oblivious to the fact that the males in the Republican Party view them as lesser beings.

Upset that Elizabeth Warren gave the Orange Scourge an F for his performance in office so far, one of the writers, someone who goes by Hannah Bleau (AKA Red Dawn) searched far and wide for the most unflattering pic of Warren she could find to head up her post. Citing comments Warren made to Jake Tapper – all of them true – but offering not a word in rebuttal, Red Dawn then says that nobody is taking Warren’s grade seriously. Well, a lot of people actually are, but that’s neither here nor there in the Land of the Terminally Deluded.

Red Dawn attempted to counter Warrens’ assertion in the Tapper interview that Trump delivered “a gut punch to America’s working people.” Her response? “Really? Someone might want to notify America’s working people, because last time I checked, they seemed pretty optimistic.”

Interesting, because the latest Pew Research Poll seems to indicate that people aren’t exactly enthralled with her hero. But to the conservative mind, that’s a fake poll.

This little gem was included in her links. She started with an insult:

Fauxchahontas Sen. Elizabeth Warren is up for reelection next year, and wouldn’t it be grand to see her constituents vote her out? Could this dream become a reality? Perhaps.

She then goes on to say how Warren has slipped in the Massachusetts polls, citing a Morning Consult poll showing that Warren has gone from a 61 percent approval rating last year down to a meager 56 percent at present. She also wrote that according to a poll taken earlier this year, 46 percent of Massachusetts voters want to see Warren gone. Hmmm. If one does the math, then one realizes that Warren has gained 2 points in the ensuing months. You know: 100-46=54 then and now Warren is at 56.

Donald Trump would KILL to have a 56 percent approval rating, and Little Miss Red Dawn or whoever the hell she is, would be crowing it from the rooftops.

When all you’ve got are insults and no solutions to offer, you are full of the same thing that guy in the Oval Office has: a lot of hot air. But hey! That’s the conservative way!

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