How Low Can Fox Go? Video

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Just when you think they can’t go any lower, those rabid Trumpsters at the Orange Scourge’s favorite show, Fox and Friends, go positively subterranean.

MOAB (Mother Of All Bombs) is the largest non-nuclear bomb in our arsenal, weighing over 20,000 pounds. The blast radius on this monster is up to a mile on the surface. Since it guarantees civilian casualties, the bomb, which was developed in 2003, has never been used before. Experts told Vox that the likely reason it was used now was because it is most effective for cave and canyon targets, the places where ISIS fighters have suspected encampments.

Now, one can argue the merits of utilizing a weapon of this nature, but celebrating it? But celebrate is exactly what those toads at Fox and Friends did. They even paired video of the strike with the Toby Keith tune “Courtesy of the Red, White and Blue” which can aptly be described as an anthem to extreme nationalism.

“One of my favorite things in 16 years at Fox News is watching bombs drop on bad guys,” swooned Geraldo Rivera.

The first time the video played (oh, yes, they played it more than once), host Ainsley Earhart said, “The video is black and white. But that is what freedom looks like; that’s the red, white and blue.”

MOAB wasn’t the only bomb dropped on Thursday. At least 18 Syrian soldiers who were fighting against ISIS were killed in what the Washington Post said was “the worst confirmed friendly-fire incident” in the war against ISIS. U.S. Airstrikes in Mosul last month killed over 200 civilians and the disastrous Yemen raid earlier this year killed Navy Seal Ryan Owens and caused multiple civilian deaths, including children.

Addressing the friendly-fire incident, Rivera weighed in, saying “I think it is very, very important we kill bad guys, but there is no denying that the issue of friendly-fire is really egregious.”

Oh, not so fast, Geraldo! Host Pete Hegseth countered, proclaiming, “Why go there first, Geraldo? Civilian casualties happen. We’re going against an enemy that cuts off our heads.”

So I guess that makes all those civilian deaths okay. Talk about sinking to the lowest common denominator! Fox keeps on lowering that low and one wonders: How low can Fox go before hitting bottom?

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