Schwarzenegger Has A Message For Trump: ‘This Is Not How You Make America Great’ (Video)

Arnold Schwarzenegger (7588441406)

Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger blast Trump for wanting to slash funding for after school programs.

Former California governor and silver screen ‘Terminator’ Arnold Schwarzenegger is not happy with his fellow Republican in the White House.

As far as Arnold is concerned, the $9 billion in budget cuts that Trump has aimed at education spending will make America anything but great. $1.2 billion of those cuts will directly effect after-school programs for low-income kids.

At the National Afterschool Summit on Tuesday at USC, Schwarzenegger slammed the Trump budget.

Taking $1.2 billion away from the children and robbing them blind. … Why would you do that?’ Everyone that is smart knows … that for every dollar you spend in an after-school program, you save $3-$6 down the line.

Schwarzenegger also said that balancing the budget on the backs of kids is, “Not how you make America great.”

According to Politico,

Trump’s budget director, Mike Mulvaney, has argued that the budget cuts to the school programs are justified because “there’s no demonstrable evidence they’re actually helping results, helping kids do better at school.”

Mulvaney might have a different view if he considered the needs of single moms and working class families. After-school programs are a big deal for them and they “actually” do help.

Perhaps what we should really be asking is why 45 wants to slashing spending on programs that help poor kids, protect our air and clean water, and keep the public safe? Could it be because he wants to give himself and his billionaire buddies a big fat tax cut and is perfectly happy with taking that money from everyone else?

Wanting to transfer even more wealth to the donor class is not new for Republicans. But it seems like they are less ashamed to show it since 45 took office.

As Common Dreams points out,

House Speaker Paul Ryan has made a key Republican motive for pushing ahead with the House GOP health plan explicit in recent interviews. Passing the health package first facilitates deeper tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations in subsequent tax legislation. 

Video: Watch Arnold Schwarzenegger blast Trump for wanting to slash funding for after school programs.

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