Trump Becomes A Twitter Punching Bag After His Early Morning Tirade

Critics launch an all out Twitter war after Trump posts a series of early morning tweets whimpering about the courts halting his unconstitutional executive orders.

In yet another early morning Twitter meltdown, Trump took to complaining about the courts blocking his immigration orders and this week’s decision by a federal judge to partially block his executive order regarding sanctuary cities.

“First the Ninth Circuit rules against the ban & now it hits again on sanctuary cities-both ridiculous rulings. See you in the Supreme Court!” Trump began.

Continuing, he added:

“Out of our very big country, with many choices, does everyone notice that both the ‘ban’ case and now the ‘sanctuary’ case is brought in┬áthe Ninth Circuit, which has a terrible record of being overturned (close to 80%). They used to call this ‘judge shopping!’ Messy system.”

Twitter was swift to respond with his posts receiving over 22K comments, combined, in less than 5 hours and over 21K re-tweets.

Grammy nominated, award winning songwriter and performer Holly Figueroa O’Reilly posted this fun meme with Pres. Barack Obama and Sec. Hillary Clinton mocking Trump’s not-so-veiled threat.

Jules Suzdaltsev, host and writer for Discovery and contributing columnist at VICE, hit back with a series of tweets, effectively turning Trump into a Twitter Punching Bag.

“Wow, you REALLY are an abject failure, aren’t ya?!” he began before going into a lengthy list of all of Trump’s many failures – so far:

  • First you lose the popular vote
  • Then the Muslim Ban
  • Then Muslim Ban no. 2, FAILED!
  • Healthcare legislation, FAILED!
  • Building the wall… eventually… somehow… in the future… FAILED!
  • Hiring a National Security Advisor who isn’t an apparent threat to national security, FAILED!
  • No $1 trillion infrastructure bill in first 100 days like you promised, FAILED!
  • Stringing together a coherent sentence without repeating yourself 16x, FAILED!
  • Making the United States look respectable as a world power, and being a commander-in-chief we can be proud of… F-A-I-L-E-D!!!!

Former theater agent Roland Scahill joined in with a few well-placed punches of his own:

“Your lack of respect for the judiciary is astounding! Your lack of compassion for refugees is incredible. You are horrific,” he began:


  • The country is big. Huge. Bigly. Big League. So much space for golf courses.
  • Do you plan to attend the hearing in the Supreme Court? Can you even name all 9 sitting judges right now?
  • Getting into insane trade wars with every single country on the planet will fix that? Can we see your college transcript & Econ 101 grades?

Stand-up comedian, writer and activist Nick Jack Pappas joined in as well, tweeting:

He followed up tweeting to Trump: “You’ll lose in the Supreme Court, too. Gorsuch and his stolen seat aren’t enough to give you a majority.”

Mikel F. Jollett, the singer, guitarist, and frontman for the Los Angeles-based indie rock band the Airborne Toxic Event, weighed in as well, with a series of tweets:

  • Sanctuary cities have LOWER crime. All law enforcement agencies know this. Cops want sanctuary city policies. You are trying to sell a lie.
  • People are more likely to report crime if they don’t fear deportation. This makes communities safer.
  • You are literally trying to create crime with this lie you tell about sanctuary cities.

Actress and television personality Rosie O’Donnell, who has been feuding with Trump for years, weighed in as well:

The list goes on and on. Be sure to check out Trump’s tweets and join the fun and be sure to let us know your favorite responses to his twitter melt down in the comments section, below.


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