Trump Trolls Hack Liberal Facebook Page


Wow, the Trump Trolls (or are they Russians – is there a difference?) sure are going all out to try and convince those who don’t share their views that they are right!

Well, they are right – to the far right, that is. Way far right. Which is why their ham-handed take over of a liberal Facebook page is being met with less than the desired result.

Recently, the Facebook page Republicans Suck was the victim of a hostile takeover and peppered with ridiculous stories that, even for the weak-minded Trump supporter, scream FAKE NEWS!

A few of the insanities:

Malia Obama expelled from Harvard. Interesting, since Malia decided to take a year off before starting college. But hey – truth is just a pesky little detail to be ignored.

BREAKING: Major Obama Advisor Could Be Going To Jail. That would be Susan Rice; and, again, we’re talking FAKE NEWS!

Here’s my favorite:

BREAKING: Assad Didn’t Order Chemical Attacks – World Wakes Up To SHOCKING News. I’ll bet you’ll never guess who is responsible. If you guessed Obama, you get the kewpie doll!

People who are still members of the closed group have been quick to meet the obviously fraudulent posts with FACTS. Some of the pushback is very entertaining.

If one checks the Facebook pages of those who are posting the blatantly untrue and inflammatory garbage, it becomes immediately obvious that they aren’t from around here. There is speculation that Moldavians or Russians hacked the page, took it over and locked out the original administrators.

It is the sign of true weakness when all you’ve got are a pack of lies stacked on top of a pack of lies, all of which are easily proven false. At least, you’d think they’d go for something that would require some work to disprove. But that just isn’t how Trump and his minions roll. To them, a blatant lie is nothing to shy away from; it is something to be embraced.

The administrators of the original page have started a new page: Republicans Suck … Again!!! You can support them HERE.

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