Twitter Burn Of The Century: Astrophysicist Shuts Down Ignorant Climate Crisis Denier

This week is sandwiched between last weekend’s March for Science and the upcoming People’s Climate march, making this the perfect time to revisit 2016’s Twitter Burn of the Year. 

On Saturday April 29, a climate march in Washington D.C. (and in many other cities all over the country) will take place to reject Donald Trump’s attack on communities and the climate. Hundreds of thousands are expected to peacefully protest and to push forward with our vision of a clean energy economy that works for all.

As The Washington Post reports, “Nearly three years ago, hundreds of thousands of people assembled in the streets of New York City for the People’s Climate March. The event came as world leaders were gathering for a United Nations summit focused on climate action and as countries around the world were moving toward what would become a landmark accord the following year in Paris to collectively combat global warming.”

Climate activist Bill McKibben, an author and co-founder of the advocacy group, was a driving force behind the 2014 march in New York. In an interview with The Washington Post over email, he spoke about how the motivations this time around are different, even if the sense of urgency remains. “The climate movement will convene in D.C. to show that the election didn’t cancel physics,” McKibben wrote recently about the symbolism of Saturday’s march. “Politicians need to be reminded, even as they do the bidding of the industry, that the rest of us are watching,”

Last August, Melbourne astrophysicist Dr. Katherine J. Mack had a brilliant comeback when a climate crisis denier trolled her on Twitter.

Dr. Mack tweeted:

“Honestly climate change scares the heck out of me and it makes me so sad to see what we’re losing because of it.”

Her tweet got a reply from Gary, a climate crisis denier:

“Maybe you should learn some actual SCIENCE then, and stop listening to the criminals pushing the #GlobalWarming SCAM!”

Dr. Mack shot back with a burn:

“I dunno, man, I already went and got a PhD in astrophysics. Seems like more than that would be overkill at this point.”

Mack’s reply even caught the attention of author J.K. Rowling and she tweeted the exchange to her millions of fans.

Gotta love social media.

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